Lupus Hand Sign #LHandSign Awareness Campaign

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We are dedicated to raising awareness of Lupus.
UNITY to the Lupus CommUNITY!
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

We believe that greater awareness of Lupus will lead to more research
into finding a better form of treatment or even a cure for the disease.



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Mat will be running his fourth marathon for Lupus! The Los Angeles Marathon February 14th 2016 for the Hibbs Lupus Trust, 26 miles! He will be dedicating each mile of the marathon to a Lupus Warrior. Thanking different Lupus Warriors from around the World who have shown their support for the Lupus Hand Sign #LHandSign Awareness Campaign.

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#UnityForLupus Petition

Click Here to urge all Lupus organizations around the World to support the SAME Lupus Awareness Campaign.
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Many Celebrities have shown their support for the Lupus Hand Sign #LHandSign awareness campaign

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Lupus is a devastating autoimmune disease that affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, making the disease more common than leukemia, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis.
The exact cause of lupus is unknown and there is no known cure. Click Here to see hundreds of photos of celebrities showing their support, and helping raise awareness of Lupus by throwing up the #LHandSign.


Support the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign

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The #LHandSign =

- An L made with the RIGHT hand
(so it looks like an L from the front for Lupus)
- Made with the WHOLE hand
(not the two fingered L)

Join the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign today and help raise awareness of Lupus!


#LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign Around The World

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Over 20,000 people from around the World have joined the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign. A simple and effective way to help unite everyone globally raising awareness of Lupus. The #LHandSign has become a symbol of unity.

Check out the amazing
photos and video of #LHandSign Lupus Awareness around the World.


#LHandSign Lupus Awareness Flash Mob Freeze

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For Lupus awareness month (May), the Lupus community has come together two years in a row for a flash mob freeze in Hollywood California. Check out the 2013 and 2014 #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Flash Mob Freeze Videos.

Both videos were shared throughout Lupus Awareness month. These videos received thousands of views, and continue to help raise awareness of Lupus.

'Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.'

More Lupus Awareness videos
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You can show your support by wearing a Lupus Awareness T-Shirt. Find the slogan that fits you best.

'Every day i fight Lupus'
'Lupus Sucks'
'This is what Lupus looks like'
'Real men wear purple'
and many more!

Visit our store for Purple Lupus Awareness rings and car bumper stickers. A percentage of every sale goes directly to support Lupus research programs.


Running For Lupus!

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Help raise awareness in your community and funds for Lupus research.

'Awareness is key to finding a cure'

Learn more about how you can run for Lupus!

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Thank you for helping raise awareness of Lupus!

Lupus Hand Sign #LHandSign Awareness Campaign