#LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign

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We are dedicated to raising awareness of Lupus.

UNITY to the Lupus CommUNITY!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

We believe that greater awareness of Lupus will lead to more research into finding a better form of treatment or even a cure for the disease.

Support the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign today!

The #LHandSign =
- An L made with the RIGHT hand (so it looks like an L from the front for Lupus)
- Made with the WHOLE hand (not the two fingered L)

Click Here to find out more about how the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign started.

Celebrities have show their support.

There has even been a
Flash Mob.

Join the #LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign today and help raise awareness of Lupus!

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#LHandSign Lupus Awareness Campaign